Are you ready for the QTEM DATA CHALLENGE 2019?

What is the QTEM Data Challenge?

Analyze real data for impact

Be part of an international team of 3 QTEM students, analyze real world data and present the results to large audiences. Will you impress a jury of corporate experts with your conclusions? It's time to have fun, be creative and show what you've got.

What data will be analyzed?

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(only for QTEM Students)

It's a group challenge where you work with other students on exclusive data. You will be asked to find solutions to real world issues. Your team will present the results to a jury composed of both academia and companies.

This year the challenge is related to real data provided by Solvay S.A.:

You will have access to anonymized data about the performance of their 26.000 employees. Can you put yourself in the shoes of the HR manager and give the company insights you detect in data? There is no correct answer, it's about using your creativity and skills to deliver interesting outputs.

How much time will it take?

Registration is due by 6 March. The first round starts on 13 March and ends on 17 May. We expect you to dedicate 12 working days in that time span to meet remotely, receive coaching, analyze the data and prepare a presentation. If you reach the second round, you will be invited to present your results in Amsterdam on 25 October 2019.

with data and coaching from:

How are the teams made?

Once you register, QTEM will assign you to a team. The network wants to foster diversity and multiculturality so:

  • At least two students from each team should be from different universities of the network.
  • At least two students from each team should be in different countries while doing the QDC. 

The timeline (2019)

 Patrice Chi Hung

HEC Lausanne

QTEM Data Challenge 2nd place winner

Throughout the QTEM Data Challenge I improved drastically my analytic, interpersonal and presentation skills while having fun.



The 2018 Data Set:

The Solvay People Analytics Challenge

Can you put yourself in the shoes of the HR manager and give the company insights you detect in data?  

For example: Do employees' performance improve over time? Are there patterns? Is there a generational effect? What would be your advice to improve employees' performance?

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 "We have an internal mission: to inspire our people to connect and grow and that is exactly what we will ask you to do." 

Bruce Fecheyr-Lippens, SVP, Global Head of Innovating Ways of Working, Digital HR, People Analytics

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